• Ryan Calleja Urry

Extra-Curricular UOM Groups That You'll Actually Enjoy! 😁 🎓

1. ESN Malta - Erasmus Student Network

We can't create this list without mentioning ESN, it's a fantastic experience that you should definitely look into. ESN is an international network of student volunteers that all share common goals. You could find yourself many opportunities to travel within international countries, sometimes at absolutely no cost.

If there is a cost, it'll be reduced if you're an ESN member, as you get 15% off any Ryanair flights, while also getting a free 20kg check-in luggage. Apprehensive? Don't be! And don't wait for your friends to join before you do either, you'll make plenty of new friends that share your same interests on this adventure, take the chance if you can.

Contact details: https://www.facebook.com/esnmalta/ or shorturl.at/fjkJ1

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2. The Racing Team

If you're a bit of a gear head, this group might be the perfect fit. They're an official racing team that funds, designs and actually races the car they build. It's a project that's open to all students. If you think you can help with literally any aspect, be it marketing, financing, designing or physically building this project, then you can apply to join.

Their next international competition is coming up in less than a year so now would be the perfect time to get the wheel spinning and hit them up.

Contact details: http://www.uomracing.com/#70651da90d3a0383f


3. The Student Philosophy Group

Philosophy is the framework linking thought and action, the reason for how and why you act, driven by what you believe. For these reasons, it is a subject that can be appreciated by most students and potentially a subject we can all find value in and apply to our own daily lives to better our personal journeys. According to their facebook group, they hold film nights and social events, alongside frequent meetings which give ample room for discussing ideas.

Contact details: https://www.facebook.com/spsuom or spsuom@gmail.com

4. The Debate Team

Maybe this doesn't sound interesting to you, hold on a sec. The value in joining the debate team isn't to gain career opportunities, but to acquire certain life skills that could really benefit you in the long run.

This comes from the nature of debating, which teaches you how to think critically, how to form arguments on the fly, how to present said argument confidently while not getting emotional, and most importantly debating allows you to have respect for other people's perspectives, as on many occasions you'll be asked to give arguments for and against the same case.

So, if you're looking to boost your communication and social skills, this would be a great option to help you get out of your shell a little, while teaching you a lot about life at the same time.

Contact details: https://www.facebook.com/UoMDebatingUnion

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5. The We Are UoM LGBTQ Group

Whether you already form part of this group, or if you just believe in supporting equal rights and want to help as best you can, this is a senate-recognised organisation that you can get behind. They organise and take part in many events and campaigns, and are continuously trying to collaborate with other organisations and colleges to advocate for their 5 main values of Representation, Awareness, Community, Education and Intersectionality.

Contact details: https://www.facebook.com/WeAreUoM

6. Youth For The Environment & Movement Graffiti

There are plenty of groups that are pro-environmental issues but these are two of the best, they're very active in trying their best to create change, they've organised and carried out multiple protests, and organise frequent events to benefit the environment in as many ways as they can. Whether the impact is huge or small - it all helps.

If you want to get started right away then graffiti have a great website that explains everything about their mission and how you can get involved. Save the trees!!!

Contact details: https://movimentgraffitti.org/en/ or shorturl.at/mnCTV or shorturl.at/aEIK9


These are the two main groups for law students. They offer notes, past papers, foreign exchange programmes, job opportunities, court visits, seminars, and conferences. They have a wealth of resources between them that you can and should tap into, the workload is tough and you're gonna need any competitive edge that you can get.

Contact details: http://www.ghsl.org/en/home.htm

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7. History Of Art

This group is great for anyone with a passion for the arts or interested in the evolution of artistic expression as a whole throughout the centuries. Learn about the greats that contributed to developing cultures as well as the values they embodied that made them well renowned in their respective fields. This group has been around for about 10 years and they too hold several social events and discussions for sharing ideas.

Contact details: https://www.facebook.com/HoASAmalta or history.of.art.sa@gmail.com


Think about it, something on this list must have interested you. You could make some great new friends and even learn some really important life skills along the way.

Get out of your comfort zone and join one of these groups! 😁 ✌️