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EXPLAINED 🔎 The Nationwide Pro-Life Protest In Poland & Why Youths Should Care 🇵🇱 😡

Poland's Women Take A Stand 🙅‍♀️

Recently, protesters have taken to Poland's churches where young women have stood up for their beliefs, as recent constitutional choices made by the government have removed the possibility of abortion for any reason in Poland...

What's Going On? 🤨

  • The Polish government has amended the current abortion law in Poland.

  • Though abortion has always been illegal in Poland, the Constitutional Court voted to make abortion also illegal in cases of severe deformations of the fetus. This further restricts the laws which were already in place.

  • This law is so strict, it would remove the possibility of having an abortion even if the internal organs were not on the inside of the body - and many other horrible mutations that may occur in pregnancy.

  • The implications of a mother being obliged to give birth to a child that will shortly die after birth would cause a great deal of trauma to the family (specifically the mother).

"I'm here today because it annoys me that in a secular country the church decides for me what rights I have, what I can do, and what I'm not allowed to do"

26-year-old protester, Julia Miotk

Were Protests Extreme? 🤔

In order to strike back and show their disagreement, thousands of people around Poland flocked to the streets and protested the decision. It was a nationwide protest made up of:

• Interrupting Masses at churches in Poznan, where a bunch of women chanted things like "we are sick of this" and held Pro-abortion banners in front of the altar.

Black underwear was hung up on lines between trees in Krakow.

In Lodz, there was a protest in front of the cathedral, where people called for a separation of church and state dressed as characters from the Handmaids Tale dystopian novel based, on church and state being combined causing women rights to be abolished.

In the capital Warsaw, slogans reading "women's hell" and "unlimited abortions" were smeared on church walls.

Why You As a Student Should Care 🙋‍♀️

  • This specific protest is important due to the limitation of human rights - specifically medical rights, with many deeming it inhumane to force a mutated child to be born.

  • We as students may be growing up with the implications that these new laws present, whether we are living in Poland or not.

  • It's important to express one's beliefs and this protest showed groups of individuals doing so in a nonviolent manner.

How Does The Above Compare To Malta? 🇲🇹

  • Malta has its own laws on abortion, they state that it is illegal in ALL circumstances- similar to the new rules in Poland.

  • Birth control and the morning after pill are both legal though.

  • There have been many pro-choice protests in Malta over the last decade, increasing every year - often causing a lot of internal conflict due to the strong religious beliefs of our island's population.

How do you feel about Poland's abortion laws getting even stricter? 🤔

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