• Ryan Calleja Urry

EXCLUSIVE 🚨 Dozens Of Students Report Receiving Double Maintenance Grant For No Apparent Reason

Did Someone Say Free Money? 🤑

This year's maintenance grant came out earlier than usual, which was great news for most students. The good news didn't stop there though, with multiple students now reporting receiving double their maintenance grants in the last few days - for apparently no reason.

Students have reported receiving 2 text messages notifying them of this added maintenance grant, earning between €300 to €1,000 extra cash, effectively doubling their original grant 💸

It is not yet known what the cause of these extra payments is, could MATSEC just be feeling generous?? Probably not...

In Fact...

FreeHour have reached out to the Education Ministry for an official comment in order to clarify this situation for our students.

According to them, all students who received the extra grant must email their respective school admins immediately to inform them on the situation. This email should include a full explanation as well as evidence attached.

Should students fail to send out this email, we've been told that they'll receive a personal letter at their home, instructing them on how the maintenance grant should be paid back.

As of right now, we don't yet know what the payment process will look like, or if there will be any consequences for students who fail to pay. We'll keep you updated as things progress 🙌

Back To Being Broke 😒

It was almost a miracle, but alas, students definitely won't be allowed to keep the spare change...Christmas aaaalmost came early this year!

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