• Ryan Calleja Urry

EXAM CRISIS 🚨 Student Activists Join Forces By Sending Mass Emails Demanding MATSEC Changes 🎓 📩

Strap in, this one's super important 📚

With September exam sessions less than 4 weeks away, anger & unrest are piling on as educational figures like MATSEC continue to leave students in the dark.

The coming information is based on various statements made by individuals like Education Minister Owen Bonnici, who've told students that exams will not be cancelled - despite the fact that May sessions were cancelled at a point with far fewer active COVID cases.

A Very Long List Of Problems 😠

Students are very concerned with the notion that exam sessions will continue regardless of Malta's spike in Coronavirus cases. Even worse than that is that education faculties are not communicating any plans, causing further confusion.

Below are 5 strong arguments against holding exams in person 👇

#1 - Social distancing can be kept in the classroom, well and good, but what about the students waiting outside? Will there be staff seeing that social distancing rules are followed?

#2 - The exam candidates will have their temperature checked for COVID, however, many readings will be skewed as students will be forced to wait outside in the hot sun before their exam. Other than that, high temperatures may not show on asymptomatic students or staff, which then suggests that virus carriers could be walking among students. update: following a meeting with Owen Bonnici, SDM have reported that students will be allowed to enter their exam building to cool down, and will only be rejected after failing the temperature test multiple times.

#3 - How do we know if the staff themselves are not carriers and asymptomatic, while checking students' temperatures & invigilating the halls themselves?

#4 - What if some students can only go to the exam by bus? Social distancing measures are hardly enforced there, hence adding risk to themselves as well as fellow students.

#5 - If I go to my English exam and get COVID-19 from the examination centre or otherwise, forcing me into mandatory quarantine, how will I complete my other exams?

update: SDM have reported that students will be allowed to enter University on a probationary period, and will then sit for exams in December to determine whether or not they can stay in their course.

The above are only 5 problems to mention, believe it or not, there are actually many more factors to take into consideration which we haven't mentioned. Afraid? You're not alone.

credit to Marelaine Formosa for detailing the above points in her Facebook post.

Student Bodies Are Getting Involved 🤝

Pulse and SDM have both made official statements regarding this situation, while also e-mailing multiple different educational institutions - unfortunately with no success.

Furthermore, SDM has also expressed its concern regarding the fact that students are yet to receive their official exam timetables. Considering examination sessions are now less than a month away, this is quite an issue.

via SDM & Pulse

Student Spamming ❌

Student bodies aren't the only ones getting involved either. Following an initiative by Marelaine Formosa, a Facebook event was created where 1,300 students were involved.

These students came together with one mission, to send those in power as many reminders about the problem at hand as possible.

They scheduled multiple e-mails, all in a polite manner of course, asking officials to take action and understand the many issues that students are facing by attending exams.

These e-mails were directed towards MATSEC, Education Minister Owen Bonnici, Health Minister Chris Fearne, Superintendant Of Public Health Charmaine Gauci and many more.

The below are just a small excerpt of what kinds of e-mails were being sent to officials.

Want To Make A Difference? 🙏

Local student Kurt Agius had the bright idea of creating a website which allows students to send a template e-mail in just a few clicks, to the people that matter.

All you have to do is input your name and surname, and click send! It'll take you less than 10 seconds. Seriously, we tried 😅

P.S. - On the above note, MATSEC & Owen Bonnici both gave automated and practically "non-response" responses to Student Bodies and students alike.

Don't let this discourage you though, please send an e-mail and join the cause!

Not a great situation is it? 😔 Stay positive & keep studying. You'll make it! ❤️