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Exam Cheaters 🚨 84% Of Students In Malta Say Cheating Has Gotten Much Easier During Covid-19

Poll Results 😇

Following a poll held on our official Instagram account this week, we asked our student community their thoughts on cheating during online exams - here's what they said 👇

Cheating On The Rise 😳

According to the above poll results, which gathered votes from thousands of students in total, it seems that cheating is definitely on the rise amid the pandemic.

Also, it seems that a massive 84% of students agree that cheating has also gotten much easier as a result of exams going online...

But how exactly has it gotten easier?

We Do Not Condone Cheating 😠

It's no wonder that cheating has gotten more rampant, with all the different methods there seem to be out there...

Students are being quite creative from their laptops - with some getting on separate calls with friends to discuss exam questions, splitting their tabs to use their notes, and even going so far as to create fake videos of them pretending to complete their exam!

Naturally, we recommend that you don't make use of any of the above techniques - not only because you should be getting your grades fairly, but also because teachers and schools are getting savvy to these techniques and will eventually catch you out - is it worth the risk?

An International Issue 👀

Recently UK researchers at the Imperial College of London have also seen a dramatic rise in cheating when it comes to exams & assignments - ever since Coronavirus hit.

This finding was compounded with the discovery that a major ‘homework help’ site has received triple the number of requests as usual.

This was also tied to exams, as students were found using these websites to ask for exam questions live - and receive answers while they were doing their exam...

Be Wary 🙏

Unfortunately, we know some of you will cheat regardless of what we say, so please at least be extra careful on how you do it - getting caught will leave you with a tonne of regret.

Ideally though, get your grades on your own terms, by studying effectively and being the best student you can be.

Need some tips for that? Click here 😉

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