The New Valletta Wonderland & Redesigned Christmas Waterfront - Everything You Need To Know 😍🎄

Taking place between the 20th December and the 1st of January

Valletta is lit.

No really, festive lights have been put up throughout all major streets (as part of the "Christmas In The City" official Valletta programme) with a new fully equipped Christmas Wonderland that's straight out of a film.

Firstly, there's a ferris wheel, like an actual big ferris wheel just appeared out of nowhere. I can't believe it either honestly. There's also a full-sized ice-skating rink, a merry go round, tasty and seasonal food & drink options, a giant tree and an overall lovely christmas vibe.


Waterfront Wishes 🎅

Yep - They've refurbished the Valletta Waterfront too, giving it an equally festive Christmas twist. There are a whole host of activities planned out that have people of all ages in mind, from the kids to the grandparents and everyone in between.

Firstly, there's a Christmas tree that's over 35 feet tall, set up right in the central part of the promenade. Right next to this tree, you can find Santa’s House and Workshop, along with an Enchanted Snow Garden.

In terms of activities, there'll be festive marching bands, a mini Christmas village full of games, and much more.

No seriously, much more. There'll also be:

•    Festive crafts & face painting

•    Puppet shows

• Letter writing to Santa - with replies being mailed to your house!

•    & Bouncy castles, who doesn't love bouncy castles?

Oh yeah, there's even a giant Nutcracker figurine casually standing at the end of the promenade. Also, make room for scrumptious seasonal food, some delicious mulled wine for the older crowd, and loads of gifts to buy for loved ones.


Christmas Wonderland Map 🎄


P.S. There'll also be a Mega New Years Eve Bash at the waterfront, with live music and a huge fireworks display! 🎉