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Everything You Need To Know About Stipend As A New Student 💸

Moneeeeyyyyy 🤑

At the beginning of the month, every student looks forward to stipend & the second you receive the notification a feeling of relief washes over.

Being a student means learning how to budget going out & saving money. But there’s a lot about stipend that students don’t know about. It’s not exactly straight-forward...

For example, to be eligible for stipend, you have to follow a full-time course at undergraduate level or a postgraduate course as a pre-requisite for a warrant to practice a profession.

Students will receive a total of 10 stipends per year. The first 2 stipends are issued in December (one at the beginning and the other and the end of the month) and then one stipend every 4 weeks from January to August.

Diploma & General Courses: €90.93 every 4 weeks

Prescribed Courses: €159.12 every 4 weeks (prescribed courses are mainly science-based but not exclusively)

Am I Eligible For Stipend If I’m Working?

Yes, but you can only work part-time and cannot exceed 20 hours per week and must upload a set of documents to the Maintenance Grant application.

If you’re self-employed, you can only work part-time however you need to submit extra documentation that the Stipend Office will inform you about. There are different scenarios when it comes to self-employed students.

If you are self-employed: (Via the University of Malta website)

What About Foreign Students?

If you are a student with EU/EEA nationality you are eligible to apply for the Maintenance Grant, therefore, including stipend. You must have a residency permit or an ID card to apply, as well as attending a full-time course.


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