• Daniel Tihn

Everything Ruined By The Maltese Summer Heat

With the Summer heat finally here (and only getting hotter), it may be a good idea to think about your safety. That's why we thought it would benefit everyone if we compiled a list of some activities, places, and general things that are completely ruined during the Maltese Summer. Always make sure to keep hydrated, try not to wear anything too warm, and remember, McDonald's is AC'd.

Your car 🚙

It's a hot Monday afternoon. You've just finished work and are walking back to your car. You see your windscreen from a distance and realise, "Fuck! I forgot to put up my sun visor." You gingerly open your front door, praying that the front seat won't be too hot, but you brush against the seat belt for less than a second as it sears off any skin it comes into contact with.

Pro tip: Leave a cloth in your car so you don't get branded by your gear stick.

Catching a bus 🚌

Catching a bus sucks nearly anytime of the year, yet Summer adds a new level of pain and misery to the experience. Not only do you have to wait for the bus and pray that it comes on time as you drown in your own sweat, but when it eventually does come you realise that not only is it packed, but that the next bus will be too. While squeezing onto a packed bus isn't the worst thing in the world, it king of sucks when you have to squeeze in-between sweaty and sticky strangers.

Being anywhere outside during the day

The title is quite self-explanatory.

Electricity bill

One of the best ways to survive is to stay inside, blast the AC on 16°C, and relax as the room is filled with cool and refreshing air. A major downside to this is that it ain't cheap. And okay, maybe your parents pay the electricity bill as you still live rent free but the bill still needs to be paid one way or another. So before turning on the AC, think to yourself, "Is it really that hot?" Answer: Yes, yes it is.

Re-sits 📚

Exams suck any time of the year but when all your friends are out swimming, hanging out, and generally having a blast, exams suck that little bit more. Whether it's because you want to maybe get an A-level/Intermediate out of the way early, or you failed an exam, you are going to need to pass it sooner or later. So, sacrificing a bit of your Summer isn't so bad in the long run; and look at the bright side, you won't be in the boiling heat for too long anyway.

If you have any other things that get ruined by our heat waves (that last for 3 months) then tell us your thoughts in the comments below. ☀️