• Daniel Tihn

European Youth Card: What It Is & What Does It Do For Maltese Students

One of the greatest feelings while shopping is seeing a sale. Anything could be before the magical percentage symbol as no matter how much you are gonna save, you instantly want to buy it. You could have never even have known how much you truly wanted this item, but now that it's on sale, it obviously makes sense. That's the European Youth Card (EYC). It offers diverse discounts in multiple countries around Europe, including Malta, so here are some discounts that you could put to use.


Every day, so much stipend is spent on food. Whether it's on a night out for dinner or for a quick snack during one of your frees, so much money could be saved if your meals were 1 euro cheaper here or there. Thanks to the EYC, a lot of restaurants and cafes offer discounts ranging from 5% to 30%, specifically some student heavy ones such as Bistro 516 (15%), Q Bar & Restaurant (15%), and Gyros & Churros (10%).

Other places such as The Avenue Restaurant (5%), Telepizza (10%), and the The Cake Box (10%) offer discounts, depending on your foodie needs.


Whether you need a laptop, a phone case, or a PlayStation controller, the EYC is here to help you out. Both Scan and Klikk offer discounts on their purchases, Klikk's being flat 10% on all purchases and Scan's being up to 10% on consumable purchases with certain conditions depending on the product and a 20% discount on all technical services. iCentre also offers a 10% discount on certain accessories and a 3% discount on Apple computer hardware, iPads, and iPods.

Pulptech offers various discounts such as €5 off on phone covers, 10% discount on accessories, and 50% off on tempered glass which will really come in handy after dropping your phone for the millionth time.


Another favourite student hobby, shopping discounts help you get through the year with a bit more cash in your pockets after another trip to The Point. While this section is a bit limited due to the EYC's aim at helping students and young adults learn and grow as people, there are a couple of discounts worth noting.

Tom Tailor offers an overall 10% discount on all purchases (not valid during sales, sorry) and Sunlab offers a 7% discount on selected brands of watches, jewellery, and shades.


If you are stuck for what to do in your upcoming free and boring Summer days, maybe check out some of the discounts on these Maltese activities. If you are looking for a quick splash, Quattro Water Park (that floating playground thing in Bugibba) has some deals on the 1 hour, 2 hour, and all-day tickets while the National Pool Complex is offering a 20% discount on membership fees.

If you are in the mood for a fun day out with friends, maybe try Scavenger Escape Malta with their 20% discount on bookings or Velocity Trampoline Park, also with a 20% discount on jump sessions.

Around Europe

While a lot of these discounts are quite helpful, the European Youth Card shows its true potential abroad. When visiting foreign countries, with the card you can visit museums, gardens, and other cultural activities with quite noticeable discounts.

For example, if you are visiting Amsterdam any time soon, the famous Rijksmuseum is 50% off to card holders. Or, if you are visiting Berlin, the Dali Exhibition offers reduced prices and a free pocket guide for anyone interested in his Post-Impressionist work.

Overall, the European Youth Card offers a range of discounts, some bigger than others but as students, every penny counts. In a lot of countries, the card costs money (about €10 depending on the country) but in Malta it's FREE, so it doesn't hurt to have it, just in case you ever need it. To apply for the card, click on this link, fill out the form, and Bob's your uncle.

For a list of all the discounts available (trust me, there are some weird ones), here's a link to the offers in Malta.

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