5 Crucial Tips For Students In Malta To Perfect Essay Writing This Exam Season ✍️


1. You're Not Eminem, So Don't Freestyle 📝

Having an essay plan is very important. A lot of students try to just write as they go, and although this can work, it won't get you the best mark you could have gotten.

Freestyle writing results in you getting writer's block and going off on tangents.

Instead, spend just 10 minutes before starting your essay question to brainstorm ideas, list the points you want to hit and create a structure & order in which you want to mention them. This tip is a winner & makes you more confident throughout the whole writing process.

don't do it, trust me


2. Write How You Speak 🗣

The most meaningful and captivating pieces of writing are those that feel like the writer is sitting down right beside you, having a conversation.

Hey, I'm talking to you right now, yes you.

Make the examiner feel this way by writing in a friendlier and warmer tone, just like how you'd speak to them. This way they get engaged in what you have to say and are more likely to see your perspective and give you marks for your efforts.


3. Be specific❗️

This helps whether you're writing a narrative piece of fiction, a critical analysis or even a Bio essay title that's straight from hell. For example, when it comes to fiction, talk about a specific conversation during a picnic and what the scene was like at the moment - as opposed to vaguely describing the day as "full of fun and adventure".

Show the examiners, don't tell them.

serves as a good life motto too!


4. The Golden Technique - P.E.E. ✍️

I'm sure you've heard of this one before in some capacity, it works wonders. Not only is this method the crux of a well-written essay, but it also simplifies essay-writing itself.

The acronym stands for Point - Explain - Example.

Here you first make a point or put forward a statement, you then explain the theory and how it works and why you believe it, & finally conclude by cementing the idea through a concrete example that proves the point. This is the most effective way to present an argument.

don't ever let your examiner think this


5. Go Out With A Bang 💥

A good introduction and a strong body are essential, but make sure you don't neglect the conclusion. Your final words will make or break an undecided opinion. A good conclusion should encapsulate your entire essay, highlighting your most important points while again showing your competence & understanding of the field in question.

Imagine that in Avengers Endgame, instead of this supermassive interstellar battle between all superheroes to save the galaxy, Thanos just accidentally hit the self-destruct button on his ship - wouldn't have been much of a climax would it?

Always end strong.


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