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ESN, Europe's Largest Student Organisation, Is Officially Moving In To All MCAST Campuses 😍 ✈️

Want A Change Of Scene? 👀

After many many years of operating exclusively at the University Of Malta, ESN have now opened their doors to all MCAST campuses...

Whether you're a local or international student, ESN have your best interests at heart. Since their foundation many years ago, they've grown to become one of the loudest, most vibrant and exciting communities on the Maltese Islands.

What Is ESN? 🌍

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a non-profit international student organisation, present in over 40 countries, that offer their services to around 350,000 international students every year, with the end goal of empowering personal development.

How you ask? Well, first of all they organise 80+ unique students events every single year on average. They host a number of sports events, and their Sports Committee is very active in ensuring as many students are living a healthy lifestyle as possible.

Besides their competitive sporting activities, ESN organise diving and surfing courses, as well as leisurely hikes via their Social & Cultural Programme.

In 2019, ESN also partnered with Friends of the Earth Malta to bring more environmentally friendly events to international students, by organising farm visits & sustainable cooking classes. They also organise clean-ups of contaminated and polluted areas, tree planting initiatives and actively participate in the Fridays for Future climate action demonstrations.

Lastly, ESN also support the Erasmus Programme. Erasmus has long been a buzzword for students in Malta, a big goal for many students wanting to discover new horizons.

The idea of being able to continue your studies in a foreign country, with a whole new world of possibilities, from education to leisure. It's exciting stuff.

ESN help students along their entire journey to a foreign country. These exchange programmes take place from locations all across Europe - from Italy, to France, to England - anywhere you can think of really 😁


Over the last few years, MCAST has very much established itself as an ever-growing educational powerhouse. At this point, they offer 80 unique full-time courses, and over 300 part-time vocational courses - ranging from certificates to Master’s degrees.

Now, to add on to the above list, all MCAST campuses will benefit from the presence of ESN and their many events, who will be stationed on campus to empower all students.

With regards to the Erasmus experience, many past students have referred to it as an experience that they've never forgotten! Not only is it great for your CV and career, it's also loooaaads of fun 🥰

Apprehensive? Don't Be! 😁

If you're currently an MCAST student, or even an upcoming one, we strongly encourage you to take part in ESN's upcoming activities and maybe even the Erasmus Programme .

There are plenty of benefits to studying abroad, for starters, think of all the people you'll meet. Think of all the networking opportunities that could help propel you forward in your career of choice. Think of the incredible sights you could see and events you'd attend.

If you're in the position to take the chance, do it.

You can sign up with ESN here 💙

malta@esn.org / www.esnmalta.org

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