• Daniel Tihn

ESN Are Looking For Fun, Charismatic, And Energetic Students To Join Their Team This Semester

The Erasmus Student Network, or ESN for short, are a group of students all dedicated to spreading the Maltese language, culture, cuisine, and history to international students and interns. Spread across 40 countries, ESN is an international network of student volunteers that all share common goals. Whether it's learning, spreading their culture, or partying, there are thousands of students that are eager to meet you as they plan their trips to our gorgeous island.

But what do I get for joining ESN apart from meeting awesome people, Mr. FreeHour?


15% Off Of Ryanair And Much More ✈️

One of the biggest and most enticing benefits that come from joining ESN is the Ryanair deal. If you are an ESN member, you get 15% off any Ryanair flights, while also getting a free 20kg check-in luggage.

You will be meeting international students left, right, and centre, making friends every minute on the job, so it's only fair that you go and visit them. After making so many contacts, you are gonna have a million and one couches to crash on, saving money on travel and accommodation.

Not only will you be active locally, but you may get the opportunity to travel abroad to represent ESN Malta at numerous events, only paying a fraction of the cost.


Benefits On The Island

Okay, so going abroad is easier, cheaper, and way more fun now that I have a bunch of friends overseas, but what about here? What do I get in Malta?

Well, ESN organises numerous events around Malta & Gozo for international students, and someone is going to need to take care of them. While some of the events may not be totally free, the cost will be greatly reduced as you enjoy a fun day out hanging with an incredible assortment of people.

You will be creating and participating in conversations with people you would never have met outside of ESN, teaching them about the Maltese way of life (which may or may not include swear words), and generally having a good time.


ESN Is Offering Life Experiences On Another Level

Gaining experience in your industry and education are both very important, but including a little bit of diversity is an excellent way at beefing up your CV and life experience. ESN values unity in diversity, and diversity in unity, helping you learn about multiculturalism by throwing you straight into the deep end as you get hands on experience.

Not only can you gain experience through the people you are working with, but you can also work on the internal side of the company. This could include the accounting, the secretarial responsibilities, and any other internal jobs that would be perfect for you.

Experience can be found anywhere, and ESN is one of the best guides to help you get the experience you want, need, and love.


Did I Mention The Parties?

ESN are constantly organising parties; the perfect places to meet, drink, and have fun. You will get to dance the night away all while "working", which in this case means showing our foreign friends a good time.


All in all, being a part of ESN is a lot of work, but the payoff is incredible, and the experience you get is priceless.

Do you want to meet new people? Are you ready to have fun? If so, fill out this form to start this unforgettable experience, becoming part of ESN Malta's incredible team.