End Of The F*cking Shows - 12 Great Series That'll Be Gone By 2020 😧 😭

A sad, sad article. One that pained me to write with every entry. All good things must come to an end though. In this list we'll be going through the shows that ended this year, some unexpectedly, others after years and years of episodes.

If you haven't seen one of these shows, there's a convenient little "> Available on Netflix" notice for every show that applies. Just in case you'd like to catch up, they're all really really good shows after all.


End Of The Fucking World 🌎 - Ended November 7th

This manic and disjointed tale of youths came to an end just last week, on the 7th November, after a surprise release of a second and final season. It was a wild ride that we'll definitely miss. With regards to the 2nd season, give it a watch if you haven't already, it's pretty cool.

> Available on Netflix

we're drinking away our sorrows too James


Big Bang Theory 💥 - Ended May 16th

Definitely one to cry about. This was a classic show that will surely be rewatched many times over by it's almost 20 million fans around the world. Thankfully, there are 12 whole seasons of content to go back to and enjoy.

no more bazingas :(


Arrow 🔰 - Ended October 15th

This crime-fighting DC-Universe superhero show has come to an end after 8 seasons. Oliver Queen was a noble vigilante doing his best to fight corruption within Starling City, one quiver of arrows at a time. His efforts will not be forgotten.

Don't worry though, If you need your fix, there's always that new season of the Flash coming out soon!

> Available on Netflix


Orange Is The New Black 🍊 - Ended July 26th

After 7 seasons of intriguing characters, dark humour, and great reviews, it's finally over :( If you're browsing this list looking for shows to watch that you haven't got into yet, this would be a good option to give a shot.

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someone give me a shoulder to cry on


Bojack Horseman 🐴

Wait don't start crying, this show isn't over just yet. Recently it was announced that the series was renewed for a sixth & final season of 16 episodes, split into two parts. Part one premiered October 25th, while part two is set to premiere on January 31st, 2020. Hurrah!

> Available on Netflix

Siri play "In My Feelings" by Drake


Game Of Thrones ⚔️ - Ended May 19th

Yep. The hype train has finally died. The white walkers have been slain, the mead has been drunk and the incest has finally come to an end. If you were a fan, this is very tragic news, if you're not, rejoice at the fact that you won't have to listen to Laura talk about how attractive Jon Snow is ever again.

Cheers to the good times, Tyrion


How To Get Away With Murder 🔪 - Ended Sep 26th

After countless murders escaped the eyes of justice, Annalise and her team of lawyers will finally rest their case. This show was a true rollercoaster of emotions through and through. Shout out to Annalise for being one badass b*tch.

> Available on Netflix

where are the DAMN tissues


Mr Robot 🤖 - Ended October 6th

Error 404 - Season 5 Not Found. If only Elliot could hack into the writer's computers and leak all the unreleased episodes. Oh well, This show gave us a healthy wariness of what reality is and could be in the near future. Hopefully, the mass corruption portrayed in the series wasn't foreshadowing anything to come in our lifetimes.

time for Ben & Jerry's


Jessica Jones 🙍🏻 - Ended June 14th

This mind-bending psychological thriller was great at portraying a number of key themes. Female solidarity and empowerment being the main one, but also topics like the abuse of power, dysfunctional relationships, trauma and guilt. We learned a lot from Jessica, hopefully this isn't the last we see of her.

> Available on Netflix

"What are u gonna do now that Jessica Jones is over?"


Suits 🤵 - Ended July 17th

Another classic here. After 9 years this ongoing legal-battle has ended, leaving behind sad yet satisfied fans. The characters were memorable and the cast had great chemistry, another good series to check out if you haven't already.

For the fans, you might want to check out Pearson - a spinoff that was released this year which depicts Torres' character as she tackles the world of crime and politics in Chicago.

> Available on Netflix

pleaaaseee dooon't leaaave


Supernatural 👻 - Ended October 10th

Sam and Dean will be missed deeply. That is all.

heart = shattered


Modern Family 👪 - Ended Sep 25th

This one makes me the saddest I'm not gonna lie. Many laughs were had watching this series throughout it's 11 seasons. Definitely one that deserves a watch if you haven't seen it before. It's like friends but with a hot Columbian woman and gay uncles. Each member of this lovely family will be sorely missed.

Adios :( <3


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