ELSA & MMSA - How Are Student Faculties Responding To Quarantine?

It was just announced that all schools will continue to be banned until at least after Easter holidays (April 17th) - this is how two of UM's biggest faculties are dealing with the news.

MMSA - Vitals Are Steady 🩺👩‍⚕️

Starting with some optimistic news, students in Medicine are continuing most lectures as usual, with a virtual twist. Students are making use of video-conferencing app Zoom in order to host "a mixture of live and pre-recorded lectures" - according to one MMSA student.

The student continued by saying that he's had "multiple online lectures with over 100 students" taking part in one call. Studies are carrying on efficiently.

With regards to practical sessions & dissections though, these have been cancelled, along with: The Medicine Ball Event, Health Fest Event & Practice Makes Perfect Workshop, among others.

Applications for SCOME Weekend 2020 are also no longer being accepted.

ELSA Malta - Legal Lockdown 🔨

So far "there is no answer regarding the long-term affects on the academic year" - according to one student who reached out to ELSA Malta. Online lectures are taking place for Law students too, however not yet as many as students in medicine.

Unfortunately, ELSA Malta have also had to cancel big events.

The 77th International Council Meeting, for example, is an event that involves over 400 students travelling to Malta from around Europe - an event which took months of hard work and dedication from the Organising Committee - it has sadly been cancelled too.

Student Reports 🤔

With regards to other schools and faculties, not all students are particularly loving the experience, in fact we've gotten quite a few messages from annoyed students....

1) - "They sent an email saying they uploaded homework and stuff but actually didnt 🙈"

2) - "At higher no action has been taken we have just received one email saying that school is suspended till March 20th" 😤

3) - "They gave us a ton load of homework that I'm pretty sure we wouldn't have had if the school didnt shut down" 😡

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