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Election Day 🚨 Comparing Pulse & SDMs Manifestos For JC Students To Vote Wisely 🧠

The Day Has Arrived ⚡️

Just a few weeks after the international drama caused by Trump Vs Biden, Malta has it's very own political race at the youth level with Pulse and SDM competing for KSJC.

The below are each respective party's manifestos, aka, the decisions they plan to put into action if they are voted into office...

Read on & and vote smart 🙏

The 2020 / 2021 Pulse Manifesto ❤️

Notable Initiatives 👇

Pulse in KSJC will collaborate with the Junior College Administration to organise the "JC Health Week" - while striving to increase the student body’s engagement in such events.

Pulse in KSJC will donate a number of extension plugs to the junior College Administration to increase the number of electrical sockets within the College grounds.

Pulse in KSJC will ensure to build on the previous council’s work on strengthening the Wi-Fi connection across Junior College, specifically within the newly allocated study rooms.

Pulse in KSJC will organise the first-ever “Junior College Online Talent Show” where all Junior College students will be given the opportunity to showcase their talents.

Pulse in KSJC will organise the first-ever “KSJC Water Sports Festival”, entailing sports such as canoeing, kayaking, paragliding and other leisure activities.

Pulse in KSJC will discuss the possibility of granting students the necessary travelling time in between physical and virtual lectures.

Pulse in KSJC will open discussions to introduce automatic sanitiser dispensers on every floor of Junior College floor.

Pulse in KSJC will re-introduce the “KSJC Eco-Group”, which will be focused on tackling issues related to climate change.

The 2020 / 2021 SDM Manifesto 💙

Notable Initiatives 👇

Aid Chrisco with table & seating refurbishments and supplying other equipment.

Pledge to improve the Junior College campus environment by planting several trees around the college grounds.

Launch the first-ever “KSJC Lecture Feedback Form” in collaboration with the Junior College administration. This will be used to evaluate and scrutinise how switching to online lectures affected students’ performance along the year.

Lobby with the relevant authorities for a system of direct buses from Valletta to Junior College solely for students, in an effort to reduce congested buses.

Organise the first-ever KSJC mindfulness class.

Pledge to organise monthly clean-ups around Malta & Gozo in line with our green agenda.

Organise the first-ever KSJC Pet Therapy Day in an effort to educate students on animal welfare and highlight psychological benefits.

Look into the possibility of a full library refurbishment by investing in seating, tables, smart-plugs and improved ventilation.

Who's Got Your Vote? 🤔

Who's plans sound more interesting to you? Keep in mind the above are just excerpts of the entirety of proposed plans - you can find the full SDM manifesto here, and Pulse's here.

Also! There'll be an official KSJC 2020 Presidential Debate happening tonight, stay tuned!

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