Eeetwell Launches Brand NEW Spring Menu & Delivery Straight From Their Website 🥗 💚

It's Friday afternoon, you're sitting inside during quarantine and craving some healthy food to keep you sane. It's been a tough day so far, you woke up at 11 am, spent 3 hours on Youtube, and Facetimed your bestie too many times to count.

Mum already made lunch and you don't really feel like cooking today, so what do you do?


The New Eeetwell Spring 2020 Menu 🌱

Staying healthy during quarantine is essential for maintaining a strong immune system, so if you've ever considered upgrading to a healthier diet, now's the best time.

Not only have eeetwell added new items to their regular menu, they also have a whole new section of Spring Specials!


Let's go through a few options, shall we? 😇

• Sally Salmon - If you like some fish in your salad, this is the perfect option:

Scottish smoked salmon, hard-boiled egg, cherry tomato, cucumber, pickled red onion, parsnip, shredded kale, baby spinach, teriyaki + sesame dressing.

• Aubergine Parmigiana - I know this looks like lasagna, it isn't trust me:

Roasted aubergine and zucchini, tomato salsa, parmesan cheese, fresh basil leaves, rocket leaves, cherry tomato.

Their menu has a super wide variety of foods.

They've got wraps, warm bowls, salads, specials, not to mention their fresh smoothies & juices for a refreshing drink to match your meal!


Here are some more options 🥰

• Vegan Quesadilla - Vegan? Wannabe vegan? This is the plate for you.

Mushroom + bean blend, bell peppers, red onion, sweet corn, tomato chutney.

• Pineapple Mint Tepache - Absolutely perfect for your Insta story.

Mineral water, pineapple, fresh mint and a pinch of brown sugar.

• Spring Beets Bowl - Spring in a bowl, doesn't get more wholesome than this!

Roasted beetroots, oven-baked new potatoes, sweet pickled fennel, shredded carrots, sliced red onions, chickpeas, shredded kale, fresh baby spinach, orange vinaigrette.

Worrying about ordering without leaving home?

Stop that! Eeetwell have just recently launched their own delivery service to ensure you can snack healthily without ever leaving your home...

See their full menu here 💚


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