Education Minister Says "Student Benefits" Being Looked Into By Maltese Government 😲🤞

Following student outrage after they were left out of COVID-19 compensation measures for workers, our Education Minister Owen Bonnici has officially said that the government is currently looking into the issue.

Such a quick response is always great to see, especially after how vocal students and student bodies have been this week. Many have posted statements urging the powers that be to consider how many families are in need during these times of job loss.

“Students should not be made to choose between their stipend or their part-time job since it is their right to receive their stipend as much as it is their right to apply for a part-time job”

- MCAST Student Council

Meanwhile, a petition with over 230 signatures has been set up for students to form part of the government benefit scheme, if you'd like to make your voice heard - please sign! 😇

In these times we must keep in mind that every school institution around the islands has students with their own families to raise - families where all members are currently making far less income than usual, if any at all. This is why government action is desperately needed.

Do you think the government should change their stance and compensate students?

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