• Ryan Calleja Urry

Dogs Beware! Island-Wide Fireworks Display On July 1st Celebrating Summer & Airport Reopening 🤔 🎉

The Good News 😍

Malta's Tourism Ministry is set to celebrate the reopening of our international airport for commercial flights on the 1st of July, with a large-scale firework show involving 31 different firework factories across the Maltese islands.

The event will be called “VisitMalta Now”, focusing on various themes including Maltese traditions, heritage and culture.

All local villages will be decorating their clubs and flagpole, and fireworks will be launched all throughout the entire country.

👆 Here's the single biggest firework ever!

( seriously, it's a world record 😅 )

The Not-So-Good News 💔 🥺

While "the end of Coronavirus" is definitely something we should celebrate, as well as the fact that we will have a summer, there's one group that is sadly gonna suffer...

Dogs 😔

Usually, when fireworks displays are scheduled in Malta, dog owners can take their pets to a neighbouring locality where the explosive light shows won't be as audible. Unfortunately though, since this will be a nationwide event, that won't exactly be possible...

Fireworks tend to be harmful to dogs due to the adrenaline rush caused by loud noises, which ends up exhausting the animal and can even lead to a heart attack in some cases.

If your dog suffers with loud noises to a severe degree, you might benefit from calling your vet and asking for some anti-anxiety medication - to help your dog get through the evening.

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