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Different Work Personality Types That You're Likely To Come Across 💼

Whether you're filing papers in an office or serving drinks at a bar, any workplace is full of individuals with a vast range of work personalities.

Aside from managing your own tasks, one skill you'll need in any job is navigating these different work personalities. Some you'll click with instantly, while others will take some getting used to.

See if you identify with any of these work personalities. 🧐


1. The Wallflower 🌼

The Wallflowers are introverts or people who would rather work alone than in a group setting. They prefer working in peace & quiet without much socialising.

It usually takes these people longer to open up & start voicing their opinion. Give them some time to warm up & feel comfortable working in a new place or with new people.

Also, try to be respectful of people's boundaries & preferences. They may not be super outgoing, but that doesn't mean they should be excluded or cast aside.

2. The Achiever 💪

This is someone who strives for excellence in everything that they do. They’re usually organised, reliable, consistent, & have a strong sense of work ethic.

These kinds of people usually thrive under pressure & enjoy being challenged. They're also the first ones to give their opinions during team meetings.

While everyone likes to achieve success, make sure that you're not burning yourself out in the process. Mental health still needs to be a priority.

3. The Underachiever 🦥

There may be different reasons why people are underperforming. It might be because they're a bit lazy, they get distracted easily or have a habit of talking too much.

Remember that you've been employed by the company to get the job done & complete your tasks. Underperforming without a good reason could potentially lead to bigger consequences.

To combat the urge to not work, try remaining focused & finding the motivation to get all of your tasks done.

4. The Narcissist 👸

This is someone who works best alone & has no problem pushing other workers aside to accomplish their goals.

As a result, they tend to burn a lot of bridges along the way. This can become a problem if not addressed with HR & tackled properly.

Although they might be more productive on their own, everyone in the workplace is there for the same goal. Even though they don’t necessarily need to join in on the team culture, they do need to respect it.

5. The Energiser 🤡

These people are always engaged & are the life of the party. They are also eager to participate & contribute whenever they can.

The downside here is that they may get a bit too much or go off track, especially during stressful situations or when other employees are trying to get work done.

Enthusiasm is a great tool that employers find very valuable in a team. However, you also need to stay focused so you don’t get distracted.

6. The Optimist 🥰

The person that everyone turns to for support or just to vent. They have lots of empathy & are always willing to help anyone in need.

These workers are usually very social, which makes them great mentors for new employees who are still trying to find their footing in the work environment.

Optimists are also great at keeping team morale up. However, they do have a habit of being a bit too idealistic, so they'll need to balance that out by also thinking realistically.

7. The Analyst 🧮

This is someone who thrives when working with data & metrics, so much so that numbers & spreadsheets are their best friend.

Like the Wallflower, the analyst usually likes to work alone so that they can focus. They are steady, persistent, have great attention to detail & can also a be bit of a perfectionist.

As much as they enjoy working alone, it's equally important to make sure that they're part of the team & feel integrated into the work culture.


In reality, there will be days when you'll love your colleagues, & days when they'll prove to you why animals are better than humans.

But at the end of the day, whatever employees personalities you have in your team, you'll need to find a way to balance each other out & make it work.

And if all else fails, post-work drinks is always a great team-building activity! 🍻

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