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Why Educating Our Audience Will Always Remain Our Top Priority

The Upcoming Election

FreeHour's responsibility has grown, & with an election on the horizon, the notion of politics and FreeHour's stand on it must be addressed.

FreeHour shouldn't take a passive standpoint. On the contrary, an element of activism should definitely be present. This is because we have a duty to educate our audience - many of whom will be voting for the first time in this election, ever since the introduction of Vote 16.

This responsibility is not one which we take lightly, & we will implement necessary strategies to work transparently for our audience.


'Politics' vs 'politics'

Politics (with a big P) is the activity through which people make, preserve & amend the general rules under which we live. Then politics (with a small p) is about the micro-politics of everyday life. It is about the decision that make us who we are. It is the politics of identity and place.

Our entire lives are governed by the latter definition of politics. Therefore, as a platform that has students' lives, & in turn people's lives, at the forefront, this definition of politics becomes our main standpoint.

That we educate, instigate & promote a healthy sense of active citizenship within the next generation.


Influencing vs Educating

Our aim is not to influence any decision that any young person decision that any young person decides to take.

On the contrary, we will use our platform during the election period to educate the Gen Z demographic (who no longer read or watch the news). We will impartially ensure you have all the facts needed to make the right decision for you.

We strive to develop voter education, with a special focus on first-time voters [Vote 16], women [Gender Quota], & persons belonging to national minorities' (Council of Europe 2020:7), with an overall emphasis on first-time voters in order to best target our demographic.


Ensuring Transparency

With this in mind, as a platform we strive to work with utmost transparency, ensuring that partisan politics never plays a part in the way our newsroom & content operates.

Freedom of speech is also essential & a pivotal part of the way we operate, both within our team & with our community.

When a particular stance is being taken on a topic, it's marked as an "Opinion Piece" i.e. it is the opinion of a particular FreeHour team member, & not the entire company. We value all opinions & do not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexuality, race or political beliefs.


Fill In Our Survey

Therefore, in order to best work with what our demographic wants we will be conducting a survey with the aim of understanding the perspectives of youths on politics & the election.

The demographic between the age of 16 and 25 is seen both as the group which is politically disengaged, yet it is also at the forefront of major political movements.

This is why we want to know what YOU think about politics. What the issues you care about are. Why you're voting. Perhaps why you're not voting. All this will then help us deliver the best content & news to you and educate you in a manner that you see fit.


Fill In Our Politics Survey Today Via The Link Below