• Corrine Zahra

DEEP DIVE: Confidence Is Beauty, So Let’s Start Properly Preaching That.

A Change In Perspective

Growing up, we’ve seen so many movies & TV shows of drop-dead gorgeous people. Gen Z teens today are constantly checking their feed seeing images of instagram-perfect people. Either way, we’re raised wishing we had the ideal body.

But here’s one statement that will change your entire perception on life: Confidence is Beauty. You might be a attractive with a ‘nice body’ & charismatic attitude, yet you may still have body image issues if you’re not confident in yourself.

If you don’t love your body & embrace it for what it is, then who will? No one will make you feel welcome in your skin except you.


Your Mind, Your Body

It’s important to know that your body is yours & although learning to accept it for what it is isn’t easy, it is part of what makes you who you are.

Confidence plays a major part. If you truly believe you’re beautiful, regardless of how you look, what clothes you’re wearing, if you’re wearing makeup or not, YOU are damn BEAUTIFUL. Every mind & body is beautiful in their own way.

Confidence is so powerful - it can radiate off of you if you really believe in yourself. Life is all about perspective. The more you shit on your body, the more you’re going to feel like shit; the only difference is channelling that energy into something positive.


How To Become Confident

There are 2 ways to become confident in your body. Either:

1) love your body in whatever shape & form it is.

Or, 2) improve your body only for yourself, & no one else.

There are lots of ways to become confident; skin care, makeup, gym exercises, eating healthy, daily affirmations, dressing up, taking pictures, buying new clothes, going out and partying, dancing, dating & more! You can pick & choose what you’re comfortable with.

What’s for sure is that whatever you do, you’ll be putting yourself out there. It’s these small things that will build your confidence which will emit your inner beauty - you’ll be beaming!


There's No Ideal Body

The older you get, the more you’ll realise that Beauty Is Subjective. What you find beautiful will not be the same as someone else’s.

It’s the same thing with clothes. Clothes are meant to be worn by anybody. Whether your body is big or tiny, all body shapes can each wear the same thing. Size does not define your body!

You don’t owe anyone anything in life. Your body belongs to no one except you. Everyone's aim in life should not be to look beautiful but rather, to feel confident instead - the only requirement is that change in perspective.


Do You Think We Need To Be More Accepting Of Each Other?