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Dating In The Digital Age: Does It Ruin Our Relationships?

The Normalisation of Dating Apps

Dating today is very different from how our parents used to court one another. Last year, there were over 366 million online users on dating apps.

Although seeing someone you met online can be nerve-wracking, statistics have shown that the majority of people who use dating apps are more likely to describe their experience on these platforms as positive.

Sliding into DMs or ‘swiping right’ seems an easy way to shoot your shot without having to necessarily leave your comfort zone. It’s also definitely not as taboo as it was when the internet first came into our lives.

Do Dating Apps Kill Romance?

However, it does beg the question if dating apps are designed for long-term relationships or if they’re just means for people to sample the dating pool or meet for a casual hookup.

Apps like Tinder & Bumble make it easy to swipe & find someone to talk to, but it’s not as common to have specialised algorithms to find a potential partner like on OkCupid.

It’s also important to keep in mind that although it’s easier to text before meeting, many people also find that as an excuse to become more unfiltered. Apps can be filled with sexism & misogyny & they also lean closer to a culture that prioritises sex over love.

Most Popular Dating Apps in 2022

Digital Dating As A Queer Person

One of the biggest differences when it comes to dating as a queer person is that there are fewer potential people to match with.

The 3 main dating apps used are Tinder & Grindr for men & HER for women. Most of these apps create obstacles for LGBTQIA+ people as they have turned the queer dating customs into more of a hookup culture.

Hookup culture accepts & encourages casual sexual encounters, including one-night stands & other related activities. Although this is very accepted in the community, it makes it more difficult for those who want a relationship rather than just a one-night stand.

The Dangers Of Online Dating

The dangers of online dating are endless & there are only so many ways that apps can control these issues.

When using dating apps, users need to be very careful with catfishing. Although Tinder has a verified function that allows users to know that they are actually talking to the person they see in the pictures, not every app has that feature.

For queer people, online dating can become dangerous as someone could easily pretend to be from the community but actually is just out to harm those who are using the apps.

Online Dating In Malta

When it comes to the local dating scene, the situation can get a bit more complicated. With Malta being the size of a large rock, everyone kind of knows everyone.

Even if you haven’t met someone personally, chances are you’ll still recognise their faces on dating apps. This can turn a lot of people off from digitally dating locally, as it can easily turn to gossip & make things uncomfortable.

However, this issue is then somewhat solved in summer with the influx of foreigners here on holiday, which then gives Maltese users a more diverse group to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a deep connection or just a hookup, be clear about what you want & do your best to respect other people.


Do You Think Dating In Malta Is Difficult?

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