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CTYRYD E-Bikes & E-Scooters Are Here To Make Your School Travels A Whole Lot Easier - Cheap Too!

Ready To Ride? 💨

CTYRYD's new line of electric bikes, bicycles & scooters for back to school are here and they're a perfect option for every student - whatever your preference!

Here's What's On Offer:

#1 - TilGreen Scooter ⚡️

Make way for the unstoppable TilBoost, a fully electric scooter with a power of 350 Watts. Its removable battery will provide you with up to 30 km of reach and a speed of 30 km/h.

It’s the perfect everyday companion as it’s practicality and efficiency can take you a long way.

It’s also smarter than you might think! Coming with a display that shows your live speed, allows you to choose between 3 speed settings, view the battery life, controlling the front or rear LED lights and keep you informed of the distance travelled.

It's suitable for any terrain, and if you’re in a situation where you need to suddenly stop, its rear disc brake will provide effective braking – so there’s no need to worry.

  • Max Speed: 30km/h

  • Range: 30km

  • Fully Charge: 3 hrs

#2 - TilGreen Bike 🚴🏻‍♀️

Your daily rides to work or school just got way better with the high-end TilGreen TilBike.

Drive around in style with speeds of up to 25km/h. The TilBike can take you along for about 70km without the need for recharging - this way your day-to-day duties are never interrupted.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this eBike will support you in any given terrain. It also comes with a guaranteed 2-year warranty, the TilBike’s 10.4 Ah lithium electric battery is integrated within it and can fully charge in just 5 hours.

Its high-quality 250W motor is combined into the 26″ rear wheel hub; ensuring a better overall driving experience. Braking is backed by two powerful and effective disc brakes & it's even equipped with a saddle to drive in optimum comfort over long distances.

Depending on your journey, the TilBike can be used normally or in electric mode. The LCD screen allows you to assess your speed, check battery life, distance travelled, as well as control the front and rear LED lights & speed settings.

The TilGreen TilBike also benefits from a government grant of €400. (T&Cs Apply.)

  • Max Speed: 25km/h

  • Range: 70km

  • Fully Charge: 5 hrs

#3 - Elmoto Loop 🏍

The Loop has it all: extraordinary design, easy handling and – best of all – it feels great to drive. Because it combines the best of a bike with the best of an e-scooter, it is incredibly light (59 kg) and agile. This makes it very easy to drive even for scooter newbies.

With a weight of only 59 kg, it's the lightest electric scooter in its class. Due to the design, the stylish eScooter is vastly agile and perfect for urban adventures! And the best thing of all? It is produced fairly & climate neutral!

The motors frame of the ELMOTO Loop features a special double anti-shock system: which provides safe and convenient travel, even if the street gets a little bumpy or you decide to go off-road. The ELMOTO Loop is also equipped for a safe night drive with its distinctive lights.

  • Max Speed: 45 km/h

  • Range: 92 km

  • Fully Charge: 4.5 hrs

#4 - Askoll NGS 🏍

The NGS Line succeeds in combining a futuristic feel with the Italian motorcycling tradition.

Speed directly into the electric world with full LED lighting, double disc brakes with a CBS braking system, and a powerful motor offering a 66 km/h top speed. Elegant. Modern. Practical - and of course, an electric heart.

They've also got 96 km of range so that you can really enjoy the road, as well as a digital display with Bluetooth communication. Everything you need to enjoy your trip.

The NGS Line comes as a two-seater, because sharing is caring! It comes in the form of the NGS1, NGS2 and NGS3 – all with various different features to adapt to your lifestyle.

The Askoll NGS Line currently benefits from a government grant of €2,000. T&C's Apply.

Convenience Is Easy 😇

With these eco-friendly options, all loaded with amazing features, you really can't go wrong while getting around efficiently this year.

Take your pick & enjoy the ride!


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