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COVID Surge Bringing Healthcare System To 'Critical Point', According To Medical Association 🏥 ❌

Fears For Healthcare Increase As Cases Skyrocket 📈

According to doctors, contact tracers are becoming far less effective over the last month, due to recent surge in COVID cases.

Calls For Stronger Measures 🚨

The Medical Association of Malta (MAM) has once again called for stronger measures amidst increased fears that our healthcare system is unable to cope with the ever-increasing number of COVID cases.

"This means that the point where the health services will not cope with the demand is getting dangerously close. Soon most elective operations may have to be cancelled as staff will have to be redeployed. While the ministry claims to have 100 ventilators, the staff available can only cater for about a quarter of that number," the doctors' union said in a statement.

2 Full Hospitals, Only 1 Left 😬

This is made worse by the fact that both the St Thomas & Boffa hospitals have reached full capacity, meaning they're unable to handle more COVID patients. Consequently, patients requiring treatment for COVID can now only be sent to Mater Dei, adding further strain to our main hospital.

"The situation at the health services will soon hit a critical point, and further restrictive measures are necessary as soon as possible" they went on to say.

Martin Balzan, president of MAM.

Speaking to Times of Malta, Paul Pace (Chief of Malta Union of Midwives & Nurses) said that the situation is reaching an uncontrollable stage. At least 6 wards are being used for COVID-19 patients, with a growing number of patients in the ITU.

Today marks the first time in almost 2 weeks that Malta saw under 100 new daily cases, with Malta's current 7-day average reaching a rather worrying 120 new cases per day.

Sources: Times of Malta, Lovin' Malta.

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