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Costa Club Loyalty App Launches New Student Community Feature With Exclusive Discounts

Coffee Drinkers Rejoice! ☕️

If you weren't aware of the Costa Club Loyalty App, allow us to give you a formal introduction on the best way to get your coffee. Find details below, alongside brand new information about their Student Community exclusive discounts 🥰

Buuut first, here's how the app works 👇


The Costa Club Loyalty App 📲

Buy anything from a Costa outlet & scan the unique barcode on your app to update or redeem your points. For every €1 spent; you will be rewarded 5 points which is equivalent 5c back. Exclusive offers and rewards will be given to you as you go!

When you join the Student Community, you'll get 10 points instead of 5. These points can be later used as a discount on any future bills, in this case, 1 point = 1 cent. More on this later...

To start earning Costa Currency, all you have to do is buy stuff from Costa, literally anything. That's right, it's not just coffee! So if you stop by for a quick toastie or muffin before a lesson, you get points for those too, amaziiiiiing.

You can download the app here.


The Students Community 💸

Besides earning double points with every purchase, joining the Student Community allows you to benefit from upcoming offers and discounts.

All of these will be exclusive to students.

Your accumulated Costa Currency, along with your visits, recent purchases, and general customer information can be easily tracked in the home section of your app.


How To Join 👇

STEP 1 - Download the app here & sign up 🌟

STEP 2 - Visit a Costa store and ask for the Students Community QR code, and scan it using your in-app Costa Code Scanner to scan it.

STEP 3 - When you're done, you just need to scan the barcode of your account with every purchase you make, to redeem your rewards.

BTW: It's currently Costa Coffee’s 50th Anniversary (since 1971) and they currently have 3 new drinks; the Caramel Macchiato, the Caramel Latte+ & the Coconut & Vanilla Latte+.


BONUS: Want More Costa Goodness?

If you buy a Costa Travel mug, you're automatically entitled to a 15% discount if you show it when making a purchase (you can still collect points in full with this order too!).

Have some group work to do? Or just want some privacy? Costa's Mriehel outlet has it's very own meeting pods - which can be booked for an hour or two at no cost (sitting 5-6 people!)


Student Savings 💵

If you love your coffee, then Costa offering exclusive discounts to students is probably the best news you could be receiving - especially during exam season. Happy saving!


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