Coronavirus Polls Gather 3,000+ Votes & Show Exactly How Students in Malta Feel About The Virus 🤔

In one of our FreeHour Polls on Instagram last week, we asked our community how they felt about Coronavirus. Over 3,000 students voted on these polls, meaning we got an excellent sample size to properly survey how students are feeling about the situation...

Results below 😬


What are the COVID-19 symptoms & is it overhyped? 🧐

First of all, 60.5% of students agree that the media is having a field day with this virus. Now while that may be true, it doesn't take away from the fact that we should be taking the situation very seriously.

When it comes to recognising symptoms, students know what to look for, with 95.9% of students guessing the correct set of symptoms: coughing, fever & shortness of breath.

Sure, students aren't necessarily at risk here, but think about your parents & grandparents - they are far less likely to survive the virus than you are.


St.Patrick's Day Drama 🍻🚫

As you might have seen, Ryan's Pub got in some media drama this past week over their now-cancelled event - which was promoted with the tagline "You can't kill the party!"

Not the best message guys 😒

With the Irish holiday happening today on the 17th of March, many people have called for a complete boycott of the usual celebrations. In fact, 86.2% of students won't be attending St.Patrick's this year, while 90.3% believe all large events should be cancelled in general.

In fact St.Patrick's was officially cancelled - it seems like our students had the right idea 😇


Closing Our Schools? Man-Made Virus??👨‍🔬

As shown above, 85.5% of students agree that schools should be closed, and in fact this did happen shortly after in an official announcement.

Moving on to the conspiracy theories floating around... the theory is that the virus was man-made for the purposes of population control. Now, considering China has been suffering from extreme over-population problems for a while now, and the vast majority of Corona cases are in China - you can see where this idea came from.

Although the conspiracy might be a bit far-fetched, 70% of students seem to believe the virus was man-made...are China or the U.S. up to something? 🤔


Stay tuned for more #StudentInsights in the future 😎

Want to see our on-campus University of Malta video about Students reacting to Coronavirus? You can check it out here 😔