5 Insightful COVID-19 Infographics That Summarise Everything That's Happened So Far 😷

Stats are great, getting insight is key to understanding the extent of a problem.

Thankfully, there are a lot of people out there constantly compiling data so that we can grasp the severity of COVID-19, the below is a quick summary of the past few months.

1. The 3 Curves 📈

As of today, March 23rd, there are over 335,000 cases of Coronavirus around the world.

Of that number, more than 14,600 have sadly passed away, whereas almost 98,000 have gotten better & fully recovered from the disease.

2. A Global Timeline

Below, you can see the progression of how the virus spread in Europe over the past couple of months, starting with just 500 cases to now over 300,000. The exponential growth in daily & total cases in the bottom row is truly worrying.

3. Where It All Started 📍

There are cases all around Asia, with the original birthplace of the virus, China, now having almost 70,000 cases. China's neighbour South Korea has the second-highest number in Asia with more than 8,500 cases, while North Korea mysteriously has exactly 0 cases - according to Kim Jong Un that is.

Thankfully, as it stands, surrounding countries like India & Thailand barely have any cases in comparison to Hubei, hopefully this is maintained over the coming months.

4. The U.S. Is No Exception 🤒

Unfortunately, cases in the U.S. are also starting to increase dramatically. Only month ago there were but 53 cases, now the total is over 20,000. Keep in mind though, this huge jump in numbers may be due to a large majority of people having only gotten tested recently.

Though, that could also mean that there are actually far more than 20,000 cases, as many people may have the disease without even knowing, since they haven't yet gotten tested.

5. Europe Is Getting Serious 🤢

While Malta only has 110 cases currently, surrounding countries aren't too fortunate. We all know that Italy have a massive number of cases right now, but places like Germany & Spain have more cases than the entire U.S. too.

We can only hope that this is the worst that things will get.

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