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Need University Of Malta Accommodation? Book Your Room At The Campus Hub!

Deluxe Living ⚡️

If you're an international student in need of accommodation at University of Malta, Campus Hub is exactly what you've been looking for. This student village brings with it a long list of incredible features, so strap in & get excited!

Rooms - Featuring 800 beds for international students wanting to live right at University.

Pool - There’s a lovely pool with a chilled green area, perfect for relaxing in the Maltese sun.

Bar - A super cool student bar will also be at the hub, regularly being used for events.

Gym - The Warehouse is a fully equipped gym for all, & residents will get discounted rates.


Lavish Lifestyle 🥳

That’s not all - the Hub is stacked with places for food & drink, including loads of local & international restaurants/stores that you'll absolutely love - find them below.

The best part? Campus Hub is found right on campus at the University of Malta, saving you time & money on transport!

There are also multiple study zones & leisure areas at the Hub. This student village will completely level up the experience for anyone studying at University of Malta, whether it’s for an Erasmus Exchange or your full degree!


Ready To Book Your Room?

Visit campushubmalta.com today & fill in your details to request information and book now!


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