• Daniel Tihn

Looking To Recruit? FreeHour Is Offering The Perfect Way To Reach Students In Malta

FreeHour is a mobile app that allows students to share their timetable with their friends. With a total of 18,100 users registered on the app, FreeHour is used by approximately 70% of all Maltese students from all Sixth Forms and Unis including Junior College, Saint Aloysius' College, De La Salle College, MCAST, and UoM; making it the largest student app on the island. You can find some more info about the app here.

Through our platform, we offer multiple methods for recruiting including our Student Jobs section on our app which is brought to you by KeepMePosted, and other ways to be able to boost your job listing to our audience.

KeepMePosted On FreeHour

The FreeHour app is the perfect way to advertise any open positions or internships suitable for students. With roughly 70% of students using the app, many different courses, backgrounds, and interests are covered within our audience. The best way to reach our audience is through the Student Jobs section on the app, which is powered by KeepMePosted.

This section allows students to easily navigate through jobs that will be relevant to them as they select one of the following categories:

  • Catering & Hospitality

  • I.T

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Financial

  • Other

Each category of jobs can be further split up into part-time and full-time, making it even easier for students to look through the listings and find the one that is right for them.

Once tapping on the job listing, students are able to read the job summary and to see when the positing closes. If they are interested, the More Info button at the bottom of the page takes you to KeepMePosted directly, letting applicants apply from there.

If you want to know more about posting a job listing on KeepMePosted (which would then automatically appear on the FreeHour app), click here for their rates & packages.

Boosting Your Post With FreeHour

Do you need the position filled fast? You want to further reach segmented and targeted parts of our student audience? Well, through FreeHour, we have a few options that will increase the awareness of your job posting to students all across Malta:

1. Social Media Post: A custom post is made promoting the open position for Instagram and Facebook which is also boosted for €25 over 2-3 weeks, also being targeted to the desired audience.

2. Sponsored Article: A tailor-made article written by our writers explaining the position, describing the brand, and details what is looked for in applicants which is then boosted on our social media for €50 also to a targeted audience.

3. Sponsored Mail Shot: A custom email detailing the job posting & the brand is sent to over 18,000 students with the option to send to a custom audience, including any relevant links and information.

Interested in putting your posting on KeepMePosted? You can contact them here. Want to further boost your job posting to our audience? Contact us at sales@freehour.eu.

We look forward to hearing from you!