• Daniel Tihn

Is Conor McGregor Actually In Malta?!

This year during carnival, a Conor McGregor float was making the rounds which led to McGregor posting on Instagram hinting that he may be coming to Malta soon. Maltese MMA fans lost their minds as one of their heroes and greatest fighters of all time was going to come to an island that not many people know about. Well, some time has passed since the interaction and it seems that his visit might be right around the corner.

The legendary MMA fighter's Instagram, thenotriousmma, shared a photo (embedded below) on his story of himself on a boat sporting the Maltese flag above him.

While this technically doesn't mean he is currently on Maltese shores, it means that the boat is registered to be in Maltese waters, which tells us that his visit to our tiny and humble island is going to be sooner rather than later.

Are you excited for Conor McGregor visiting the island? Tell us in the comments below your thoughts. 👊