• Daniel Tihn

Confused On What To Study At Uni? Here's How To Pick A Course For UoM

Now that A-Level results are out, it's time to apply for your Uni course. A lot of students already know what course they want to follow in Uni and may have known for a while, choosing their A-Levels according to that course's entry requirements. Others chose subjects that they enjoyed without thinking about what they will exactly be doing in Uni, waiting to get a taste of their subjects before making any concrete decisions.

For those who are still unsure about what course is right for them, what options are available, and where each course will take you, University of Malta has you covered.

Going To Speak To A UoM Counsellor

The University of Malta has a system in place to ensure that every applicant is satisfied with their choice. This entails going to speak to one of UoM's counsellors about all their courses, where you can ask them about the content of each course, what job opportunities it will lead to, and how your learning wishes are satisfied by the school.

While speaking to the counsellor, you can tell them your current subjects, which you would like to follow-up on, and what you liked specifically about each one. This way, they can help you pick the right course with your interests in mind instead of making assumptions that may turn out to be wrong in the future.

The biggest benefit from all this is that you are actually speaking to someone instead of looking through lists of courses and trying to figure which are best suited to you in their short summaries.

Where, When, And How To Get This Guidance

Going to speak to one of UoM's counsellors may be one of the easiest parts of the whole process. Before results came out you had to book an appointment yet now that the application deadline is closing fast, their offices are open every weekday morning.

At their main campus in Msida, UoM are accepting walk-ins in rooms 104, 106, and 107 between 8:00 and 12:30, Monday to Friday for anyone who wishes to speak to a counsellor about their choice or any other Uni related queries.

If you want more info, then contact their offices by phoning 2340 2340 to find out more.

How To Apply For Your Course

Applying for a course at Uni is super easy as it's all done online. If you have just graduated from your A-Levels, then on the bottom of the results certificate you received by post, there is a username and password. You will need to keep those handy, so put those aside and follow these simple steps:

  1. Go onto the University of Malta's site

  2. Search for the course you want to apply for

  3. Click on the course

  4. Click on Apply at the top of the page

  5. Enter the username and password mentioned above

  6. Follow the steps on screen and fill out the form

The deadline for applications is Thursday 25th of July, so try not to leave it for too late.

What course are you interested in taking? Tell us in the comments below how you are going to be spending your next 3 years (or more) 📚