• Daniel Tihn

Coffee Shops & Cafes: The Perfect Studying Spots for Students In Malta

Studying day in, day out in the same room will eventually lead to your mental demise as you slowly lose your marbles. While some people don't mind staring at the same 4 walls every day and never feel claustrophobic, it is common to see student congregations in coffee shops, cafes, and generally anywhere with tables and chairs. So if you feel like a coffee or a milkshake and hanging out with a couple of friends to "study", here's a couple of places to help focus your brain that tiny bit more.


Starting off with the basic option, Costa offers comfortable seating, good (yet a tad expensive) drinks, and Wi-Fi that generally works most of the time. The tables are able to fit all your laptops with a bit of a squeeze and the atmosphere is quite a comfortable one as they rotate their music playlists quite often. One of its biggest downfalls may be its popularity which, while their conversations offer calming background noise, you may see a couple of people that you left seen a couple days ago leading to some awkward interactions.


New York Best

While it may not offer coffees, milkshakes and cupcakes may be the next best thing. Situated very cleverly near the 2 of the biggest campuses on the island, NYB has a good internet connection, massive tables, and delicious snacks such as the Mac & Cheese Bites (so good). The chairs can get a bit uncomfortable after long periods of studying, but the benefits definitely outweigh the cons on this one. Plus, when you are procrastinating with your friends, a numb bum is a small price to pay.



This Italian coffee shop is filled with sofas, cushions, and awesome hot chocolates. Their spacious cafes are rarely full, allowing you to sit in a comfy spot with a table big enough to fit your laptop and your notes, and since not too many people visit them you will rarely see people you don't want to. Once again, their drinks may be a tad pricey, they usually allow you to stay after buying a hot chocolate (seriously, they are really good), letting you use their Wi-Fi without any problems.


Becky's Cafe & Kitchen

With only one outlet in Naxxar, Becky's has a good balance between pancakes and burgers but does it quite well. While the space is quite small, when you decide to go to Becky's, you know deep down that not much work is going to be done anyway so relax, take a breather, and give your brain some calming social activity (and some awesome and filling pancakes).



If you are looking for the perfect instagrammable posts, look no further. This cute little cafe situated within LOFT furniture store in Naxxar offers beautiful decor and quiet atmosphere, allowing you study in style with some friends or enjoy the pace as your pour over your notes alone.


Busy Bee

This classic Maltese coffee shop is perfect for any occasion, whether it's for a quick chat with an old friend or a long study session, this is the place to be. Not only are their drinks good, but their infamous cannolis still remain good to this day, giving you something to look forward to as the stress from all that procrastination starts to settle in.


Obviously, these 6 shops aren't the only good places on the island for a quick snack and nice atmospheres, yet they are perfect for students to have a couple hours out of the house.

If you think we missed any of your favourite coffee places, leave a comment down below.