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ClearPrintMalta Is Students' One-Stop-Shop For Custom ANYTHING 😲

Your ideas, brought to life 😇

With ClearPrintMalta, you get unlimited custom options. You can add text, switch up the color scheme, add your own logo or even add full graphics 👀

Read on for some ideas 😉

The Kingdom Of Customization 👑

Welcome to the neverending world of customization! 😁

With ClearPrintMalta you can bring any idea to life in a long list of unique ways, the only limit is your imagination! Customization options include all different kinds of clothing, apparel, stationery, accessories & much more.

Here are just a few ideas of what you could do:

#1 - Custom birthday T-shirts 🥳

#2 - Matching travel Sweatshirts ✈️

#3 - Matching custom hoodies for you & your significant other 🥰

#4 - Custom pens for your class / office / friend group ✍️

#5 - Custom items for your brand / school group 💡

Want even more ideas? From calculators, wall clocks & sunglasses to lighters, water bottles & towels - we seriously can't stress enough how many choices you have!

ClearPrintMalta also cater for larger orders! Including 👇

#1 - Graduations 🎓

#2 - Sports Teams ⚽️

#3 - Dance Squads 💃🏻

#4 - Bands / Choirs 🎸

#5 - Theatre Performances 🎭

#5 - Hen's & Bachelor Parties 🍾

Ready To Order? 🤩

There are plenty of ways to get in contact with ClearPrintMalta. You can check out their endless product options on their website, or visit their Facebook or Instagram.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to give them a call on 21424995, or send them an email on info@clearprintmalta.com ❤️

You can design your own items by clicking here ❤️

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