• Jamie Dent

Claudia The Turtle Released Back Into The Ocean At Golden Sands 🤩 🐢

Claudia the loggerhead turtle was finally released back into the sea at Golden Sands yesterday following 8 months of rehabilitation after she swallowed a line with a metal swordfish hook.

The hook couldn't be removed by surgery, meaning that Claudia had to bear the pain and gradually remove it by herself. After 8 difficult months, she finally gained the weight needed & recovered well enough to head back to her home 🌊

Nature Trust thanked all those involved in a statement on Facebook, saying "many thanks to the wildlife rescue team, our vet Dr Gruppetta, all the volunteers. A special thanks to everyone who supported the rehabilitation program of Claudia and adopted her!"

If you love turtles & want to help out, Nature Trust stressed that you can contribute to the cause by donating to the Rescue Centre or by adopting a turtle of your own. If you'd like more info on how you can do your part, just send a quick message to the Adopt a Turtle page on Facebook.

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