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Christmas Is A Time For Giving! Here Are 5 Local Charities Students Can Donate To This Year 💰

Feeling Generous? 🤩

The following charities and foundations were set up with the objective of helping the less fortunate, to give back to a community we form part of that is in need, whether it be due to financial reasons or medical troubles. All donation links have been included ❤️

#1 - Dr Klown 🤡

This local voluntary organisation's mission is to “boost your health with a smile” 😁

Dr Klown has been active since 2011 in Mater Dei & Gozo hospitals. They provide hospitalized children a fun distraction through various activities to relieve their stress - as well as those famous red noses!

Dr. Klown also pride themselves in their excellent team, which is why all volunteers undergo specialist training in offering psychological support and artisitic skill development.

You can donate to Dr Klown here 😊

#2 - Hospice Malta 🤝

The best charities tend to be those that offer their services free of charge, in a completely genuine and voluntary way. Hospice Malta are one of these charities, and they specialise in offering palliative care throughout Malta & Gozo.

If you weren't aware, palliative care refers to the specialized medical care that's needed when patients are going through serious illnesses. This kind of care aims to reduce the pain and frustration a patient might be going through, which serves to improve their quality of life while simultaneously alleviating stress and fear from friends and family members.

Since they're a voluntary organisation, Hospice Malta are always looking for support to keep them afloat, so that they can keep on helping our communities!

You can donate to Hospice Malta here ❤️

#3 - Inspire Malta 🥰

You might have heard of Inspire before, if not, they're a local NGO based in Marsaskala that offer a wide range of educational & therapeutic leisure programmes for all ages.

These activities have been specifically tailored towards helping those in the physically or intellectually disabled community.

Inspire's ultimate goal is to help all people who live with disabilities like Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome or others to reach full inclusion and equality within society and their day to day lives. Donations will go towards improving their facilities.

You can donate to Inspire here ☀️

#4 - Noah’s Ark Malta 🐕

People aren't the only ones in need of help, animals need loads of help too❣️ Noah's Ark are an organisation trying to fight for these animals, dedicating their time to supporting the stray dogs they rescue from Malta's streets.

Many of these dogs are either injured, malnourished or sick, and need plenty of attention and medicine in order to nurse them back to good health. After rehabilitating the dogs, Noah's Ark commit to finding them new owners that can adopt them into a happy home.

You can donate to Noah's Ark below 👇

#5 - Puttinu Cares 😇

Last but not least, we can't forget to mention the one and only Puttinu Cares.

They've got an incredible team behind their organisation, and focus their help towards children and adults who suffer from cancer. They also strive to enhance the knowledge and skills of professional carers by providing specialist literature and education opportunities.

They're also a non-profit, and raise their money through sponsorships, donations and many different fundraiser events.

You can donate to Puttinu Cares here 👇

Giving > Receiving ✅

Helping out those less fortunate than you usually ends up feeling much more rewarding than receiving gifts, believe it or not. Making a difference to other's lives will make a difference to yours! Take this article as a sign and give back today 😉

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