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Chris Fearne Celebrates "Fastest Vaccine Rollout In Europe" Despite Local Criticism 🤔

Malta Is Ahead 👌

According to Our World In Data, a global statistics website, our little island is now officially vaccinating people at a faster rate than every other European member state...


Domestic Criticism 👀

Regardless of these statistics, doctors and nurses on the front lines have been very outspoken, calling the vaccine rollout slow and disorganised.

Fearne though has insisted that doses are being given out efficiently, as quickly as possible, and the only thing slowing us down is the supply available.

This does prove to be slightly untrue, as there've been plenty of reports recently of elderly citizens of over 85 years of age being forced to wait outside health centres for hours in the cold, just tor receive their vaccine.

This problem got so bad that the nurses' union, MUMN, threatened to declare an industrial dispute unless the system for managing appointments was drastically improved.


Best Of The Worst? 🤔

While Malta does seem to be ahead of all other EU states, it seems that all EU states are significantly behind other world leaders. Israel for example, have just recently administered an astonishing 1 million doses in less than 10 days.

This puts them as the global vaccine leader by a mile, with 25% of the population having received their vaccine so far.

Other EU states aren't doing too great in comparison, with France, Germany & Italy having vaccinated 1.1, 1.6 and 2.1 people per 100 people.


Fearne Remains Hopeful 🤔

Despite the criticism he and his strategies have received, Chris maintains his optimistic stance. He has stressed that the vaccine rollout has gone according to plan, and also went on to say that the way Malta's government has handled the whole pandemic was notable.

“I think, looking back, we’ve done a brilliant job. I honestly say this, I think we’ve done a really good job. Every death is a tragedy and I regret every death. It doesn’t mean that we could have prevented those deaths or prevented all of those deaths but every death is a tragedy so history will say but, honestly, I think we’ve done a good job”


There's Finally Hope! 🥳

This proves to be some very promising news. Not only are our vaccines being rolled out according to plan, but we're also leading the pack in dose numbers.

Stay safe & focus on yourselves guys - we'll be out of this soon! 💙


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