Cavalieri Beautifully Lights Up St.Julian's With 44 Hotel Rooms As A Symbol Of Solidarity ❤️ 🙏

Times are hard right now, although Malta has had a stable and low number of COVID-19 cases recently, there are still many many families struggling financially - with serious unemployment issues promising an uncertain future ahead.

Coming together as a collective and inspiring positivity has never been more important.

How do we do this you ask? Well, the Cavalieri Hotel in St.Julian's have stepped up to offer a beacon of hope - quite literally 😅

“A huge shout out to all our frontliners, we are ever so grateful,” the hotel’s general manager Mark Camilleri said in a Facebook post, sharing his hotel's message of faith.

He concluded with an age-old quote of perseverance: “This too shall pass, brighter days await us, and we will stand up again”

Stay positive & support your friends & family 🙏


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