• Ryan Calleja Urry

Cash Update! 💰 2021 Stipend Dates Have Officially Been Added To The FreeHour App - Payday Soon 👀

Ready For A Top Up? 👀

If you were to take a quick look at your FreeHour App, you'll discover that we've freshly updated the official Stipend Dates for 2021.

These have been updated in our Stipend Countdown section of the FreeHour App, a place you can visit at any time to see how close your next payday is!

Speaking of a payday, the next Stipend due date is actually in just 2 days...

The updated Stipend dates run from this March, all the way to November!

This way, you can easily keep track of your income for the rest of the year and ensure you're never caught with an empty wallet on a Friday night.

Update your app today & save that money 💚

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