• Ryan Calleja Urry

CASH GIVEAWAY 💰 Received Your Government Vouchers Yet? This Is How You Can Triple Your €100...🤑

Who wants some free cash? 👀

To celebrate Malta's summer being fully up and running, we thought that we'd brighten up your week with a tiny little idea...

Government Bonuses, FreeHour Style 😎

With Malta's "Għada Aħjar" voucher initiative, which plans to help regenerate the economy post-COVID-19, you get 2 categories in which to spend your money.

Retail & Services - e.g. Hair & Beauty Salons, Sports Clubs, Museums etc. (€20 to spend)

Restaurants & Accommodation - e.g. Hotels, Bars, Restaurants etc. (€80 to spend)

Now while we do think that's pretty cool, why not take things a step further? 😁

Thanks to the great people over at Bolt Food, aka Malta's favourite food delivery app - we're about to triple one lucky winner's government vouchers - in cash 🤑

Just keep scrolling 👇

All you have to do to win is follow the above 3 steps, if you win, we'll triple your €100 to a total of €300 - with the €200 you receive from us being straight cash that you can spend on absolutely anything you want 😍

Best Of Luck 🍀 ❤️

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