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FreeHour Careers Month 🔔 Here's Recap Of The Excellent Results We Achieved For Our Recruiters

FreeHour Meets Recruitment

With the recently concluded FreeHour Careers Month - we wanted to show our partners that we could be an excellent source for recruitment, not just advertising.

This month was a 30-day campaign that brought together our entire student base of 35,000 students with top recruiters of Malta, offering ways to apply to jobs and book interviews directly while providing them with top insightful content.

The following is a full breakdown of the results this project generated, take a look!


A Careers Month Recap, In 4 Quick Steps

#1 - Stories & Social Media Posts

Instagram Stories - These are an excellent way to share some in-depth information about a brand, inside a quick bite-sized and creative format. For Careers Month, our stories generated a total of 814,511 views, a reach of 816,543, as well 4,018 brand account taps.

This resulted in a total of 1,635,072 total touchpoints.

Instagram Posts - Think of these as classic ads, they're usually either explicitly advertising a brand, an offer, or a new product. Our posts generated us 814,511 views in total as well as a reach of 237,980. There were also 9,987 total likes, for a total of 591,512 touchpoints.


#2 - Sponsored Videos & Sponsored Articles

Videos - Engaging pieces of content that showcased real professionals talking to students about their careers and success stories. These videos generated 166,092 views, a reach of 82,350, 5,271 likes and 388 engagements - for a total of 254,101 touchpoints.

Articles - Fully detailed and extensive writing advertising a brand and what they have on offer. These accumulate 129,214 total views, a reach of 54,702, 3,965 reads and 1,615 total engagements. This resulted in 189,496 total touchpoints.


#3 - Push Notifications

These are notifications that pop up on our students' phones, prompting them to click and learn more about your brand. These do very well for FreeHour as they're a very direct way of advertising to every one of our students.

184, 314 push notifications were delivered to our students during Careers Month.


#4 - End Result

With Careers Month, our main goals were to receive CVs and book in interviews with our partners. The result? 512 CVs were sent in, alongside 100+ booked interviews.


A Resounding Success

At FreeHour, when we go into these kinds of projects, our priority is to track all our data so we can show our clients just how effective our platform is.

With Careers Month, this was no different, and we're proud to say that the results of this campaign far surpassed our expectations!

If you'd like to work with us, and get advertsing for your brand - just email matt@freehour.eu


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