• Ryan Calleja Urry

Calling Blockchain Fans! Drop By Startup Grind's October Event For An Expert Blockchain Discussion

At this point, you've probably heard about Bitcoin, as well as the various other Cryptocurrencies that have been in the news over the past few years. There's been quite a high level of interest in this financial phenomena and a lot of companies have been investing.

Whether you're just interested in crypto, are debating on starting your own blockchain company to capitalise on this modern opportunity, or just looking to network with some very successful individuals in the field - Startup Grind has a perfectly tailored event for you.


Wait, hold up, what's Startup Grind?

Well, they're basically the biggest entrepreneurship community that exists today. Their mission statement is to connect, educate and inspire entrepreneurs all over the world.

Startup Grind pride themselves in connecting like-minded entrepreneurs, and helping to build businesses by facilitating strategic relationships through their networking events.

They've impacted over 2 million people so far in about 125 different countries, nurturing startup ecosystems through media, monthly events, and even partnering and collaborating with companies as large as Google.


Startup Grind Malta

Yes, Startup Grind has set up shop in Malta. In their own words, they say that Malta is the Mediterranean's very own "Blockchain Island". That's because we're the first country to establish a full-regulatory framework for Distributed Ledger Technology, which means it's the perfect place to build a Blockchain business.

They've been around for a couple of years now and have organised loads of events. Just recently they held a conference on the nature of business ideas, and how to cultivate one into a great company. They even held a conference with founder and CEO of the international Startup Grind brand, Derek Anderson.


Their next event is on 30th Oct - all about Blockchain!

For all you startup enthusiasts and Blockchain fans, Startup Grind Malta is hosting an all-round panel discussion where they'll be taking a deeper look into the in's and out's of launching a Blockchain startup in the Maltese ecosystem.

Their star-studded panel of speakers includes Wesley Ellul (Serial Founder & Entrepreneur specialising in Blockchain, Social Gaming, growth & Entertainment), Godwin Schembri (CTO & co-founder), and Beatrice Collet (Managing Director- Chiliz Blockchain Campus).

Also, Stephen Arnold, the CEO & Creative Director at Fracture Labs, will be moderating the panel! With all these great minds under one roof, it's an event you definitely shouldn't miss if you're interested in the Blockchain and crypto industries.

Once the event is over, the real networking can begin, all guests are invited to walk down to Jungle Joy just across the road where you and your friends can enjoy a complimentary drink & meet fellow entrepreneurs to help you along your journey.


Event & Tickets

If you're interested in attending this fantastic event, these are your ticket options:

Early Bird + FREE Drink - 11.58 EUR

Student Ticket + FREE Drink (Proof of student required) - 8.41 EUR

Group of 3 friends + FREE Drink Each - 23.19 EUR

Late Bird + FREE Drink - 14.74 EUR



If you're interested in anything Blockchain, why not give this event a shot? Round up a few of your friends, learn something new, and meet some fresh faces that could form part of your business in the near future.