• Ryan Calleja Urry

Calling All Medical & Law Students 🚨 Here's How To Sync Your Google Calendar With FreeHour 📅

School's Back 😞

Whether you're gonna have to attend physically or through Zoom, your lectures are back.

Luckily, you don't have to be a disorganised mess, in fact - the FreeHour app has loooaaadss of built-in features to get you started on the right foot. Namely, Google Calendar syncing.

Here's A Simple Step-By-Step Guide 🚦

All you have to do is open FreeHour, import your timetable, and all your lectures and frees will be synced up to your profile in a matter of seconds 👇

#1 - Download FreeHour, make sure the app is updated & login 😇

#2 - Visit the Settings Tab at the bottom of your screen ⚒

#3 - Tap on "Import Timetable" 🗓

#4 - Tap "Import from Google Calendar" 📅

#5 - Login with Google 📲

#6 - Choose your calendar from the list 😁

After importing your calendar, FreeHour will continuously sync up with your calendar, making sure that if any new lectures pop up, they'll always appear in your timetable.

Also, your timetable will always show the next 7 days worth of lectures, so you know exactly where you need to be for the coming week. Once you've logged in, you can also readjust your settings freely without having to ever to re-login.

To update your timetable, just pull down to refresh on any of your school days to sync to your latest timetable

So that's how you can get a little more organized this semester.

Curious about our other features? Visit the FreeHour website to find out more about all our features.