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Brush Up On Your Digital Skills & Gain Experience With E-Skills 💻 📚

Looking To Work Digitally?

The Maltese government is here to help! The eSkills Malta Foundation through the European Commission is about to show you a whole new world of possibilities with their online learning portal.

They're also on a mission to contribute to the expansion of ICT educational programmes, and instigate further reform and growth in the ICT education community. They're aiming to champion campaigns & promote the Maltese eSkills potential locally & internationally.

An Essential Online Skillset 🎓

The eSkills portal was created as one of the initiatives launched under the Connecting Europe Facility Programme

The Digital Skills and Jobs portal was created as one of the initiatives launched under the Connecting Europe Facility Programme. an ambitious EU project that strives to make Europe more competitive in the global digital economy. The Platform aspires to boost the digital competencies of European society and the workforce.

The Digital Skills and Jobs Platform brings together:

• Insights into EU and national initiatives and actions in digital skills and jobs

• Training opportunities and career development support

• Good practices, expert advice, resources and tools

• Data, research-based facts & figures

Funding opportunities and financial instruments

• Thriving interactive community spaces

• News, opinions, and events

The platform will become a unique reference point for digital skills enabling all Europeans - citizens, businesses and public organisations - to make the most of the digital transformation of our society and economy. The platform will function jointly with the 25 national coalitions for digital skills and contribute to reaching the EU’s Digital Decade targets.

Get Skilled ✅

The Digital Skills & Jobs platform offers a diverse range of services for students interested in digital skills.

It provides open access to high-quality information, training and support to help users advance their knowledge, get farther in their careers, and add value to any workplace that they may form part of.

You can find the full website here


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