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Browse 45+ Online Stands - Inc. Student Orgs & Discounts With FreeHour's Virtual Freshers’ Month 🌟

The New Semester Is Here 😅

Which means, it's time to get up to date with all your faculty's news, send out some extracurricular applications - as well as benefit from some discounts while you're at it!


Virtual Stands For Brands & Student Organisations 👩‍💻

Due to COVID-19, the usual Freshers' Week stands have been significantly dialled back. This doesn't mean that student organisations won't still have a presence, however a far smaller one than previous years.

With FreeHour's Virtual Stands though, we've created a hub where students from ALL schools across the island can come together in one place, to learn about their courses, find out more about local student organisations, and interact with student favourite brands.

First up, make sure your FreeHour app is updated to Version 6, you'll know that you're updated if you have the new Freshers' Tab, marked by a lil rocket icon 🚀

From there, head over to the Stands section of the Freshers' Tab - here you can sort between Brands & Student Organisations, or just view them all at once.

These stands will give you loads of info on the benefits of each organisation's Back To School campaign! There are also some secret hidden benefits and giveaways you can redeem if you look closely 💸


Join The Fun! 😁

Don't start your semester without getting informed! Also, remember to check out the Giveaways section of the Freshers' Tab - where we're be announcing a giveaway every 2 days for 30 days straight - including loads of free tech, big cash prizes & awesome surprises!

A big thank you goes out to the partners who helped us make all this possible, Vodafone. If you're looking to save money this semester, their new youth plans are full of amazing features and start at just €7.99 a month for 10GB of data and €11.99 for 40GB of data!

You can even win some great prizes like Bluetooth Speakers, a VR Set, headphones and much more by signing up.

Update to FreeHour Version 6 here 💙


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