Broken Phone / Laptop? Get Your Unique Code & Save 15% Off ALL Repairs & Accessories At Pulptech 😍

I've broken my phone a solid 7 times, and that's probably an underestimate. So, assuming you're anything like me, this FreeHour Student Offer will be perfect.

Basically, we've teamed up with Pulptech to offer students a discount on their tech repairs. and we mean ALL tech repairs. Sure they do screen repairs, fix water damage and all the usual stuff, but there's more. They fix Laptops, Tablets, Macs, Games Consoles and so on. So in short, Pulptech repair everything tech-related.

The Discounts & How To Redeem Them

Benefit from a 15% off discount on labour costs when repairing your phone, tablet, console, laptop or even your electric scooter, for all you extra-cool kids that have one of those.

Pulptech is even offering you a 15% off discount on all in-stock tech accessories, so you can get your phone screen fixed, and save money on a new screen protector - perfect.

The process is simple, just fill in your name, phone number and email address, then you'll receive a FreeHour exclusive discount code that's unique to you.

Want to make use of this double offer before it's over? Just Click Here.

Pulptech's Phone Repair Offers

If you're looking to repair your phone, IOS and Android users can apply their unique discount code to the below main areas:

  1. Faulty or broken screen

  2. Dead or Faulty Battery

  3. Speakers Sound Issue

  4. Camera Malfunctioning Issues

( keep in mind some other services may also be applicable, so just give them a call on

2748 0728 if you have any questions 😉 )

If you have call anxiety, no worries, Pulptech have a Facebook Page and a Website where you can learn more about their offers and services 😁