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Breaking 👀 Cannabis Users May Soon Grow Their Own Plants As Robert Abela Pledges New Laws 🌴

Credit To Lovin Malta For The Below Statements

Are You A Cannabis User? 🤔

Paranoia may soon be a thing of the past for marijuana smokers on the island, following recent promising comments made by the Office Of The Prime Minister...

No More Unnecessary Arrests 🚫

Prime Minister Robert Abela has reportedly pledged to present a draft law that will propose the legalising of responsible cannabis use. This law may allow users to grow their own weed, avoid police arrests, and not be fined for possession - though details are not yet final.

The Prime Minister's Office continued by saying that the law proposes improvements towards inner-workings of the Drugs Tribunal - which will be reviewed & adjusted where needed.

While they did warn that smoking publically will "remain prohibited" - they also pushed that the government was focused on holding fair and open discussions with stakeholders in order to ensure that "the best possible law is achieved".

News Pushing Policy? 🤨

These comments come following the big story over this past weekend, where a young couple were arrested on Valentines Day for smoking in their hotel room.

This arrest reignited the age old conversation surrounding cannabis laws among the maltese public, with many calling the arrests of these harmless youths a "waste of police resources".

Power To The Plant? 🍀

The full decriminalisation of cannabis use seems just around the corner...

Whichever side of the fence you fall on, it does seem positive that harmless affairs like these are treated less seriously, so that more impactful & harmful issues can be addressed.

Do you think these newly proposed laws are a result of public outcry? 👀

Credit To Lovin Malta For The Above Statements

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