• Daniel Tihn

Best Ways To Get Around The Island: A Guide For Maltese Students

With Summer soon to be in full swing, everyone is starting to go out more and more. Whether it's to bathe in the sun's warmth on a beautiful beach or to go visit your nanna in her Summer house in Buġibba (tell her we said hello),you are going to need to get there some way or another. But how am I going to do that Mr. FreeHour? Well, here are some of the best ways to get around our tiny yet bustling island.



While we aren't cavemen, using the legs God gave us can still come in handy. Okay, you may get heatstroke walking around in our Sahara-level weather, but it comes with the brilliant upside of being free. Walking places is most definitely the slowest (obviously excluding crawling), most tiresome, and sweat-inducing option but it's still an option. Perfect for going to get a carton of milk from the corner shop, but maybe not the best to walk home after going for a swim at Golden Bay.



Another cheap option of transport, taking the bus is one of the island's most popular forms of transport*. Thanks to Malta's transport department, all bus fairs (excluding directs and night busses) are free for all students who have a Tallinja card, making the antique method of walking places obsolete. The biggest downsides of busses is that they are:

  1. Unreliable

  2. Gross

  3. And always packed

but hey, it's free.

*This fact has been provided by FreeHour's internal statisticians and their research into how full every bus to Sliema is.



While it brings a certain freedom, driving on Maltese roads is a nightmare. It is definitely faster than walking or taking the bus, yet it comes at the pricey cost of fuel, insurance, and even buying the car in the first place. Driving on our almost hell-like streets is rage-inducing to say the least, so try and keep calm and prepare yourself before you step into your boiling hot car because you forgot to put up your front window sun visor.

If this Summer is going to be the first time you will be driving, then maybe this can help.



Biking may be a fun and enjoyable way to get around, but doing it on the afore mentioned Maltese streets is like having a death wish. While it is acceptable in certain situations and places such as sea fronts, small localities with empty streets, and roads with bike lanes; cycling as a form of transport is tiresome and hot, 2 things that are not gonna help you this Summer. Cycling with one of Nextbike's rentable bikes does make it easier, but be careful on the bumpy and dangerous streets.


Bum a Lift/Carpool

Bumming a lift is a popular tradition among all students around the world. It could be from your mum, your friend, or your nanna (I hope you said hi), the world is your oyster as long as you can convince them to take them to where you want. This methods greatest downside is that after the lift is completed, you will now owe that person a favour which may inconvenience you in the future. Or, just force your significant other to drive you everywhere, it is their job after all.



One of the best cab companies available, Bolt will be able to get you to your destination in a comfortable, fast, and affordable way. Using their cabs allows for so much freedom as you can avoid any drunk driving all while you feel like royalty as you get driven around in a cool and relaxing car. What makes them even better is that, by using the code BOLTFH you can get €3 off your next Bolt ride, helping you save up for that party you were gonna get smashed at on Saturday.


How do you get around? Are you going to make use of the BOLTFH code to help you on your next trip? Tell us in the comments below.