• Ryan Calleja Urry

Benna Are Back With A Brand NEW Milkshake Flavour & It Might Just Be The Best One Yet 😋💙

Whaaat?! Another Milkshake?? Yep 🤩 Benna are on a roll recently aren't they?

The Crowd Favorites 🥰

Ever since Benna's brand revamp, people have been loving their Milk Shakes. In fact, their Chocolate, Strawberry & Banana flavors have become instant classics among students.

Not only are they super tasty, but they're a really quick & convenient pick-me-up for when lectures are getting you down 😅 A comfort drink, if you will...

Their Limited-Edition Stars ⭐️

From the much-loved Coconut flavour, to the super-hyped Vanilla Biscuit that took the island by storm only a few months ago - everyone seems to go crazy for these delicious shakes 😅

Sooooo, what's the new flavour I'm gonna lose my mind over this time? 👀

The Brand New Caramel Toffee 😍

Yep, you read that right. Caramel Toffee. Possibly the tastiest combination known to man, unless you're a diehard ham & cheese fan that is.

This new flavour is my personal favourite so far, it's really light and has just the right balance of sweetness that isn't overpowering. It would be a perfect combo with your breakfast meal, not to mention an amazing addition to your cereal.

Tempted yet? 😈 You better go out & buy one before they run out, don't forget it's limited edition 😉