• Ryan Calleja Urry

Beloved 25-Year-Old Football Referee & Ex-SDM Member Has Sadly Passed Away 💔

Joseph Cilia was a football fanatic at heart. The kind of person that would consistently attend national games and offer a helping hand before the matches started. In fact, one of the most important thing about Joseph was his kind personality.

We have lost a quiet, reserved and good-hearted member” said sports fan club South End Core, which Joseph had formed a part of.

In an exclusive quote to FreeHour, SDM shared his story saying, "Joseph was a former SDM member - he was an active member around the period of 2010-2012 & described by individuals who were SDM members at the time as kind-hearted, humble and helpful."

Joseph was also a beloved member of the community, many people knew him and understood his love of football. "Unfortunately, I was never good enough to become a player” a 24-year-old Joseph jokingly explained in an interview filmed last year.

Instead, following encouragement from his PE-teacher, he joined the MFA Refereeing Department and continued to follow his passion.

My son has gone to rest in the holy presence of the Lord” Joseph’s mother Isabella posted on Facebook on Thursday evening.

Fly high my dear son. You have given me so much to be proud of. You will always be in our hearts, and watching us from above.”

Rest in peace Joseph ❤️


Joseph’s funeral will be held at the chapel of Sliema’s St James Capua.