• Ryan Calleja Urry

BCOM Cheating Scandal Situation Resolved As 0s Are Retracted For Non-Cheaters! ✅

Justice Has Been Served! 😇

In case you weren't aware, there was a situation recently where all first-year BCOM students were told they would be getting a 0 in their test, due to the actions of a few students that were found to be cheating.

Naturally students all across Malta were outraged, in fact, FreeHour's original article which broke the story got over 10,000 views.

Following the massive buzz this article sparked, the story was picked up by plenty of other local media outlets, and alongside support & pressure from ASCS (the association that represent BCOM students) - a decision was taken to reverse the unfair failing decision.

The Situation Was Resolved As Follows:

The FEMA disciplinary board held a hearing for all students who were involved in the chat, in order to justify their involvement and give them all a fair shake.

Following these discussions, it was decided that the deduction of marks would only apply to those who were found chatting on their group chat while the exam was taking place.

Fair Is Fair 😇

Spreading awareness in this way is something we love to do, and when changes are actually made it makes all the work worth it. We're glad that a piece of content that we created could save a part of our community from unfairly getting 0s in their tests 🥰

Don't Cheat 😉

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